Pipeline Induction Heat Completes Tanap Scope Of Works

Pipeline Induction Heat (PIH), has successfully completed its scope of works on the TANAP project for all 56” diameter field joint coating, and will soon conclude on the 48” section. During the course of the project, the team coated approximately 144,000 field joints, spanning a colossal 1856km across Turkey.

The company was responsible for all field joint coating activities on the project, providing application of Multi Component Liquid Polyurethane (MCL PU), using PIH’s automatic (FAST), rotating spray equipment for 56” and 48” diameter line pipes with 3LPE external coating.

The team were challenged with the country’s diverse terrain and weather conditions, which saw the temperature drop in some areas to -400C, altitudes reaching 9,500ft above sea level, and blizzards, which in some cases, caused complete white outs!

Building up an experienced local workforce was imperative to the project’s success and during the course of the venture, the team enjoyed high daily production rates, noting a record production rate of 222 joints in a single shift.

Health and safety is always at the pinnacle of each and every project, and as a result of the dedication and skill of PIH’s team on the TANAP scope of works, the company hold an outstanding health and safety record in Turkey with an OSHA TRIR score of 0.86, a result well below the industry standard of 3-4.

Congratulations to each and every member of the team!