Field Joint Coating

PIH is the global leader in Field Joint Coating Services, providing bespoke service packages from full project management to equipment rental packages.

PIH’ equipment and processes are based on the use of automation, with the equipment being designed and manufactured in house, allowing it to be tailored to our customer’s needs.

The use of automation brings repeatable quality for the installation of the materials, with the added benefit of fast repeatable cycle times whilst reducing operator fatigue to ensure 

PIH has gained extensive project experience on a global basis, providing services to major projects.

PIH offers a coating service that is fast and efficient but also clean, safe, and commercially attractive.


Overland pipeline construction work is where PIH served our apprenticeship. Since the early 1980s PIH has been providing induction heating and field joint coating services to main line contractors; today, this sector forms a major part of the PIH business profile.

PIH can offer varying levels of services to meet the needs of the customer; Supervision (only), Supervision and minimal technicians (only) or a complete service package to include all personnel and equipment.


PIH is a leader in the offshore application of field joint coating systems where increasing demands for quality, reliability, and shorter installation times are paramount.

Our equipment and processes are designed in accordance with the laybarge configuration, forming an integral part of the offshore pipe lay activity, providing a highly repeatable process, and delivering optimum cycle time for the application of a wide range of field joint coating systems.


Spoolbase activity is unique within the pipeline construction industry as it is a combination of onshore and offshore pipeline construction. Using our vast experience in providing services to overland pipeline construction contractors combined with our offshore expertise, PIH has exceptional abilities in furnishing coating services at spoolbases.

PIH is under contract at several spoolbases around the world and is always ready to mobilize to temporary spoolbase facilities wherever they may be. We have a vast inventory of modular equipment that can be shipped to fabrication yards, temporary spoolbases, or permanent establishments that are being constructed.


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