The nature of the pipeline coating business requires the provision of multiple coating systems to cater for the various types of parent coatings specified for each project. While some of equipment is common to all coating systems, there is a significant amount of specialized equipment required. Some of this specialized equipment is available in the marketplace, albeit requiring significant capital investment, but the provision of on-pipe diameter-specific equipment is an area where PIH is unrivaled in the pipeline business.

PIH designs and manufactures all project-specific equipment in-house and as such has complete control over equipment build, configuration, and perhaps most significantly lead time. In addition, PIH has a significant equipment fleet and is able to support multiple projects and multiple locations simultaneously.

Responsive Mobilization

As an important part of our business strategy PIH has equipment stationed at several staging posts around the world that service particular regions. In this way, lead time for mobilization is minimized as much as possible for common equipment. As always, diameter- and project-specific equipment is normally designed and built in our UK base but since it is normally compact and light, the cost of air freight is kept to a minimum. In this way PIH can remain highly responsive to the needs of our individual customers’ mobilization requirements.