HYDRA Quench Machine

The HYDRA quench machine is a fully enclosed cooling system that combines compressed air and chilled water to achieve maximum cooling efficiency. Initial compressed air provides a boundary layer to prime the pipe, making it ready for the chilled water. Chilled water is then applied via three manifolds, each with four nozzles to ensure that the entire pipe surface is in contact with the water. A final application of compressed air then clears any excess water from the pipe.

Pipe Range 32" (812mm)
Voltage 400 3ph N+E
Current 32A
Air Consumption 45 CFM @ 6 Bar
Weight (Dry) 1300kg
Size (LxWxH) 2030mm x 1978mm x 2960mm
Water (max. flow) 120L/min @ 5ºC


Efficient Chilled Water Cycle

The HYDRA houses 3x inbuilt air blades that utilize the Coanda effect to produce a laminar jet of compressed air. The initial air cycle runs for a preset time in order to provide a boundary layer of compressed air around the pipe that promotes the most efficient utilization of the following chilled water cycle:

  • 3x LP manifolds each have four equally spaced nozzles, ensuring complete coverage of pipe. Each nozzle provides 10 L/min in the form of a full square spray pattern acting at 110º, guaranteeing absolute saturation.
  • After running the predefined chilled water cycle, an air cycle is rerun to clear the pipe of any excess water. The final drying phase marks the completion of the quench process.