Surface Preparation (Blasting)

Prior to any coating application, surface preparation is required. PIH offers a range of service solutions for carrying out surface preparation to field weld areas.

Abrasive blast cleaning is critical to the integrity and performance of the applied field joint coating system. The process ensures the steel substrate is prepared to the required standard of cleanliness whilst providing an anchor profile for coating adhesion.

PIH has an extensive fleet of blasting equipment, of varying design and capacity, to suit a range of pipeline parameters and daily production requirements (joints per day or joints per shift).

Open Blast: Standard and High-Efficiency Blast Equipment
Utilized in open environments, high-efficiency blast units with manually operated hoses offer the flexibility and adaptability for blasting pipeline welded joints of varying diameters, under diverse site conditions. High-efficiency Mega Blaster equipment offers high daily production for large-diameter pipelines.

Semi-Automatic Closed-Cycle Vacuum Blast Equipment
The semi-automatic closed-cycle blasting system incorporates an abrasive recovery system so the abrasive can be recycled and reused. Speed, simplicity, improved safety, and reduced waste and material pollution make this equipment favorable for operations within confined work stations and on landlines, where environmental protection is a priority.

Fully Automatic Closed-Cycle Vacuum Blast Equipment
The fully automatic closed-cycle system includes the added benefits of repeatable quality, with operator error and fatigue virtually eliminated. Fully automated blasting equipment offers efficient surface preparation in high-production environments, including spoolbases and offshore laybarges.

Fully Automatic, Fully Enclosed Blast Cabinets
For advanced operations within onshore and offshore workstations, SABRE™ is PIH’s primary solution. SABRE is a fully enclosed operation providing heath, safety, and environmental improvements through reduced noise, waste, and operator interaction. SABRE is a fully automated system utilizing state-of-the-art sensors and computer software to provide a consistent high-quality blasted surface within each and every joint area.