Polypropylene Flame Spray

In order to provide a totally compatible field joint coating system for 3-layer polypropylene- or polyethylene-coated pipelines, PIH has refined the process of applying PP or PE powder through the flame spray technique.

Powder is carried in a stream of air and is fed into the center of an annular combustion flame where it is heated. A second outer annular nozzle feeds a stream of air, around the powder stream, which accelerates the spray particles toward the substrate and prevents burning of the powder.

The system uses existing equipment for abrasive blasting/surface preparation and application of Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) plus chemically modified polypropylene or polyethylene (CMPP or CMPE) dual-powder base layers. The overall thickness required is then achieved by applying powder with a flame spray gun.

The flame spray field joint coating system provides a full 3-layer system, which is highly adjustable to field conditions where coating thicknesses of up to 5mm are required.

The flame spray system can also provide a useful service for tie-ins or serve as a backup for a polypropylene or polyethylene Fused Field Joint (FFJ) system as well as being a thoroughbred field joint coating system in itself.

PIH’s polypropylene flame spray system has an extensive track record of use on onshore and offshore pipelines, as well as in spoolbases.