Multi-Component Liquid (MCL)

Multi-Component Liquid (MCL) coating systems are widely used for the protection of the welded joint area. PIH specialize in the installation of MCL systems, by the use of automated, on-pipe, spray equipment, offering repeatability and continuity in quality. MCL field joint coating systems offer:

  • Compatibility with factory-applied line pipe coating
  • Excellent corrosion protection and mechanical properties
  • Short application cycle times
  • Rapid curing characteristics (following induction pre-heat), allowing for faster lowering in and back fill
  • Repeatable quality, verified by simple onsite inspection and testing procedures

Polyurethane MCL coatings are typically applied to 1.5mm dft. Liquid-applied epoxy MCL coatings are typically applied to 1mm dft.

PIH Automated Application System
In order to meet industry needs, PIH field joint services developed a fully automated machine to apply MCL coatings to the weld joint area. This pre-programmable automated spray equipment allows for a fast, consistent, high-quality application of the field joint system, to each and every weld area.

PIH’s automated, on-pipe coating machine applies material by rotating around the pipe a predetermined number of times, evenly building up the required thickness of material over the weld area. Application time is often 1 minute or less, allowing for very high production rates.

Fully Automated Spray Technology
PIH developed our Fully Automated Spray Technology (F.A.S.T.) system to meet the ever-increasing demands of the pipeline construction industry to improve productivity, reliability, safety, and quality assurance. The F.A.S.T. system has improved features for the monitoring of material parameters, along with automatic (real-time) checking of the pumping equipment to ensure that the material is being applied at the correct conditions and in the correct mix-ratio, at all times.

With the advent of the online monitoring system, clients can be assured that material is always “on ratio” and that all critical parameters are continuously monitored, without the need for human intervention. A “fail-safe” alarm shuts down the system if any irregularities occur. Real-time data logging of all relevant parameters ensures complete accountability. The result is a fully automated, pre-programmable spray system that significantly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring repeatable quality and the long-term integrity of the coated field joint area.