Fused Field Joint (FFJ)

Refined over many years, PIH’s Fused Field Joint (FFJ) system is a high-performance 3-layer polyolefin system for welded field joints, offering excellent mechanical properties and “fusion” to the factory-applied coating (overlap area), providing an end-to-end 3-layer coating solution. 

  • 3-layer polyethylene grade
  • 3-layer polypropylene grade

This system is applied by the use of automated equipment developed by PIH, ensuring speed and repeatable quality.

FFJ System Benefits
The PIH Fused Field Joint system is used in areas of high production, such as spoolbase and offshore applications (S-Lay and J-Lay):

  • High integrity: “Fusion” to overlap area
  • Multiple diameters from one unit
  • Reduced number of stations
  • Automated, repeatable quality
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Improved cycle times
  • Improved accuracy of application parameters
  • Reduced risk to factory coating overlap area

FFJ Application

Surface preparation
  2. Application of fusion bonded epoxy and co-polymer layer
  3. Application of outer polyolefin layer
  4. Quench

Following application of the fusion bonded epoxy and co-polymer layer, the outer polyolefin top coat is applied. The polyolefin top coat layer is helically applied around the joint area. Heat is applied throughout the installation process aiding “fusion” between progressive layers and to the factory-applied coating.


Pipe Diameter 2"-30" (50mm-762mm)
Voltage (input) 400 V, 3ph
Current (input) 32 A (RMS)
Frequency (input) 50-60 Hz
Weight 560 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1990 x 1564 x 1562mm