PIH strives to create coating systems that are efficient and easy to use. With automation, the task of the coating operator is made less burdensome and the risk of error or accident is significantly reduced as compared to a manual process. Using innovative technology in our coating apparatus also means that consumption and waste are reduced as much as possible.

PIH has developed coating machines that reduce overspray and coating material losses during application. This philosophy has been proven to promote a healthy working atmosphere and virtually eliminates any environmental impact.

At PIH, we understand that the foundation of success is built upon sound commercial management, operational efficiency, quality assurance, and most importantly safety and environmental awareness.

PIH operates what is probably the world’s largest fleet of specialist field joint coating equipment including:

  • Induction generators and coils
  • Inverters
  • On-pipe powder coating equipment
  • PP and PE flame spray equipment
  • Pumping equipment for injection molding polyurethane
  • Heat-assisted polypropylene (and polyethylene) tape wrap equipment

All project-specific equipment is made in our UK workshop where a team of highly skilled tradesmen work to produce equipment to the very highest standards.