The pipeline construction industry is characterized by rapid advances in welding, non-destructive testing, and pipe lay technology. Hence there are ever-increasing challenges for coating applicators as offshore cycle times reduce, onshore pipelines are laid in more demanding conditions, and in all cases the bare steel section at welded joints becomes larger to accommodate automated welding and inspection. Compound this with stringent specifications for pipeline operating conditions and it’s easy to see why the industry is focused on proper and efficient application of field joint coating materials.

Corrosion poses the single biggest threat to the integrity of the world’s pipelines—anticipating these problems requires PIH to undertake research and development initiatives that provide our clients with solution-based services that include application equipment, trained and experienced technicians, and suitable materials. We also understand the necessity of working alongside both main contractors and owners to provide total project service.

A truly global company, PIH provides services to pipeline construction contractors working on offshore lay barges and onshore spoolbases as well as on overland pipelines. We continually work with our customers and coating material suppliers to develop innovative and relevant technologies that fulfill and exceed today’s demanding field joint coating requirements.

On time, on budget, and to specification are the key parameters in the PIH business philosophy. This philosophy, however, never overshadows the primarily important factors of health and safety at our worksites. Operating a fully accredited health and safety management system that complements our quality management system, PIH is focused on achieving zero accidents both in the field and throughout the business operation.